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The Dental Helps Is Uncreadible Insurance Company

Information presented in this program is provided for educational purposes only and should not be used as investment tax or legal advice please consult an advisor before implementing any of the specific ideas Dental Helps hi there is Suzanne here finally I have found another dental plan that.

I can recommend to you here in a minute I’m going to flip the camera around and go through the online enrollment form with you step by step I would recommend you watch this video to see how easy this process is when you are ready to enroll you might want to pull up this video on YouTube or iPad or a tablet.

Dental Helps
Dental Helps

You can easily do that by going on to youtube.com and just search my name Suzy and McClain Medicare dental to find this video then as you go through the enrollment on your computer you can listen to me on your iPad or your tablet walk you through the online enrollment you can find the link on the online enrollment site below this video.

Dental insurance
Dental Helps

If you’re here on my website or if you’re on YouTube you could find the link in the video description below now I’m going to flip the camera around and click on this link to start the online process okay now that you’ve clicked on my link this is the screen you’re going to come to so you’ll go ahead and enter your zip code so I’m going to enter mind and then your date of birth and then of course male or female and then hit continue the next screen is just verifying that.

You have your Craig zip code your state of residency male or female date of birth and tobacco usage now if you want to add a spouse or children this is the area you’ll do that I am NOT going to add a spouse or children where it.

says pets are part of the family to just put no additional information no because it does not matter with this and then go down to view plans now the two plans are available in in our area is the spirit dental Network in the spirit dental Network over here.  More Info.. https://www.dentalhelps.com