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dental insurance texas

Dental insurance texas

maybe and I just want to go over in the family module we’re going to double-click the plan to open it up so when a  patient has a plan.

already you can just double-click on it to open dental insurance texas that plan up and I want to go over the information on this edit insurance plan.

information window this has a lot of stuff in it and basically, you have four sections at the top you have the green section which is the.

patient information along the left here you have the insurance plan information the upper right here you have the subscriber.

information and then below that you have the benefit information so we’re going to start at the top with the patient information.

 this is information that is specific to dental insurance texas the patient so it may be different than the subscriber information it’s it’s specific to the.

patient and the relationship we already kind of touched on this earlier this is usually required on the insurance claim.

it defaults to self if it’s anything other than self you do need to manually change that as I showed earlier below this is.

an optional patient ID this field is no longer used in the US as of January st of it remains our system because.

there were some you know older versions that required that but this is something you shouldn’t have to use an open.

dental the order this determines the order that the plan will show in the family module so means primary if it said here that.