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I was just prescribed  dental insurance for veterans  or he told me to go to the nearest drug pharmacy and get ibuprofen and take five a day so dental insurance for veterans I was like five a day holy crap and um cuz I’m not one to really um.

I won’t take Advil if I have a headache you know nothing um but you know I listened because I I could imagine that it was going to be very painful if when the numbing ran out so um as.

best dental insurance for veterans users?

  • I was walking out on my way to the drugstore I realized I couldn’t feel my lip or my chin and this is one of the risk factors of getting your impacted wisdom teeth pulled on .
  • the bottom is because sometimes they can be connected to a nerve that if it gets damaged you will lose feeling in your lip tongue and chin and you.
  • will lose it it could be anywhere from you know a couple of days couple of weeks couple of months there have even been people .
  • who said they can’t ever again and it was really scary and I was really scared that that is what happened to me and .
  • I did know how long it was going to take but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because he hit the nerve that I had the numbness I think it was just .
  • a shot because about two or three hours later I got feeling back in my chin in my lip and I was just super happy and I
  • was really lucky and that didn’t happen to me um so yeah but that’s what I noticed on my way home