How To Make More Senior Dental Plan By Doing Less

It’s going to be four and a half weeks before they can actually get back in to get Senior Dental Plan that crown you know they’re just super busy and right you know and they they keep doing the same thing over and over and over again they just they just keep dealing with it okay well we’re booked out because that’s a great problem to have but to me that means there’s a lot of opportunity to you know to optimize capacity.

If you will because just because you’re booked out in a long time in the future doesn’t  mean that our days are as productive as they can be and whenever the provider or the doctor I’m speaking to is very heavily into PPOs then obviously the question comes up of you know are we  getting paid the best amount that we can for the people that we’re treating every day because we obviously have a great practice we always have a great doctor because you’re booked out so far into the future people love you they want to keep coming to you.

You know something sometimes we got to give because you’re booked out so far in advance so so whenever you come into health practice that’s in those areas because I’m sure that’s a fairly common descriptor of existing practices that come into you because they’re looking at probably you know maybe getting rid of some of their plans or just saying hey I’m at the point now that I’ve got enough work that I can say goodbye to  some of these plans I mean how do you approach that do you worry about negotiations first or to use that as leverage for the plans that do negotiate I mean can you walk us through that  that’s a pretty big question but ya know.