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The united healthcare dental


The united healthcare dental Ankang Dental provided free electronic and written dental insurance application for all patients. You need to provide the necessary information about your insurance.

  • The center will help you complete the required application documents and apply to The united healthcare dental your insurance company in writing or electronically. Form from an insurance company.

Yes After you have seen your teeth, the center will help you to apply for your insurance (Primary Insurance). After receiving the payment, you will pay the remaining expenses together with your insurance payment certificate to your other coverage ( Secondary Insurance) Make an application for payment. This will ensure that you have the benefits of two guarantees.


Top  ↑ I see that some of my insurance regulations require Pre-Determination approval beforehand. How do I apply?

implants, corrections, crown bridges, etc., the insurance company will ask for a Pre-determination before paying for it. You may be asked to submit a dental certificate, X-ray, or dental model.

The center will provide you with the documents required by the insurance company. This service is a “free service” provided by the Center for your convenience.