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teeth Whitening Strips at downtown calm  he’s Howard goes scenes he goes why ho  go h OG o dental town calm but I think you should make an online sere course on  dental town about how to do all this stuff and just you know present it because teeth Whitening Strips .

The difference in a podcast an  online CE course is kind of like the difference between reading a book in seeing the movie you separate people that want to read the book I mean we  look at all the people who you know we are online

teeth Whitening Strips
teeth Whitening Strips

seekers have been viewed a half a million times I look at those lists I I cross-referenced people send  me emails and it seems to be two different markets I think the podcasting market is basically a multitasking market these are dots

you’re just driving to work and the choices  listening to us or some local radio station talk about the traffic the online seat course is more of an evening thing they like to get D credit they like you know you know my new book you  know

you mentioned people time and money you’re the marriage of time and money it’s like we’re gonna not only watch your money but we’re gonna watch it getting in in five to seven days days you know one thing I want to  mention real

quick before we finish up to and