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Best dental insurance for seniors are Really Use full


  • Best dental insurance for seniors Trip and provide them with medical insurance to reimburse the additional costs of treatment in case of stressful situations. Alternatively, contact your healthcare provider.
  • Our company “Path Surgery” will gladly help you with any questions that may arise before treatment.
  • We will help you with any problems that may require insurance for the duration of your treatment and after it.
  • Finding the right information and collecting a package of documents in cooperation between.
Best dental insurance for seniors
Best dental insurance for seniors
  • Scandinavian and other countries is not what you would be able to do yourself.
  • The insurance assistance service is included in our account.
  • We are at your service even after finishing your treatment and returning to .
  • The goal is to ensure a secure connection with medical experts and an insurance company, with the possible need for additional attention on their part. Please note that our services do not include any legal advice.

Benefits of postoperative complications and medical care insurance from Path Surgery:

  • Insurance will protect the patient from unexpected costs for possible difficulties and delays in recovery
  • Guarantee of greater safety during recovery – no invasive medical procedure is at risk
  • Path Surgery serves as an intermediary between the insurance company, the medical institution and the patient when applying from Finnish or foreign stakeholders and always acts in the interest of the patients
  • Carrying out the collection of necessary information about patients and medical data for a correct assessment of insurance claims
  • The arrangement of additional trips to Scandinavian countries for further assistance if the patient needs such a service. The payment for these trips is not included in our account and is carried out separately.

Travel insurance and insurance of postoperative complications

Our partners are the insurance company Customer Assurance Placement, Ltd. offers for our clients a unique insurance option. This insurance includes regular travel insurance to cover the costs associated with the trip, as well as insurance of postoperative complications.

The protection of postoperative complications will help both in additional, unplanned medical care in the place of medical care, and a further treatment upon return home. The primary purpose of this insurance is to provide the patient with a second treatment in Finland orĀ  without other costs for him.postoperative complications insurance in more detail.